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'The Piano Guys' scales the Great Wall for video shoot

Internet sensation, the Piano Guys are in China. The Utah-based group took some precious time off their Asian tour in Singapore and Malaysia to fulfil their China dream - shooting a music video on the Great Wall of China...

September 16, 2013

Great Wall Forest Festival kicks off

The 2013 Yanqing Great Wall Forest Festival, the fourth edition of its kind, was held from August 24 to August 25 in the Tanglewood Music Valley at the foot of the Great Wall Badaling Section in Beijing's Yanqing County...

August 29, 2013

Jet Team above the Great Wall

Aircraft of Breitling Jet Team, a famous European aerobatic team, perform above the Great Wall of the Jiayuguan Pass in northwest China's Gansu Province, Aug. 13, 2013...

August 16, 2013

Unique section of the Great Wall draws in visitors

As people all know what the Great Wall looks like but did you know that some of it is built over water? The Jiumenkou section of the wall in Liaoning Province in North East China is famous for just that...

  August 09, 2013

Great Wall section to reopen after safety repairs


Repairs to a section of wild Great Wall in Huairou district of Beijing finished Monday, and it will be opened to the public pending approval from the municipal government.

A 2,200-meter stretch of Huanghuacheng, or the Yellow Flower Wall, has been made safer by the five-month repair project that began on May 25, with an investment of 5.55 million yuan ($835,454.39).

The total repair work covered 11,000 square meters and included the installation of lightning rods, waterproofing and reinforcement of the Wall.

Its original appearance has been preserved to the greatest extent possible, according to a press release from the Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage.

The Huanghuacheng section of the Great Wall was built in 1404 during the Ming Dy-nasty.

It is also known for its lake and mountain scenery, with some lower sections of the Wall submerged in water after a reservoir was built in the area in 1974.

The Wall had accumulated damage over the course of history, including landslide-induced collapses, earthquakes and cracks.

Since 2004, when it was made a tourist attraction, people were not allowed to climb the Wall out of safety concerns due to a lack of repairs.

Visitors will be able to climb Huanghuacheng once again after the section opens to the public, according to Wang Fuyu, a researcher at the protection department of the Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage.

"The repair work wasn't easy, since all the blocks and other materials had to be trans-ported high up into the mountain by mules," Wang said.

(Global Times, November 18, 2010)

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